The City of Edmonds is working to develop a Housing Strategy in 2019. This is based on an implementation action required by the City's Comprehensive Plan "for increasing the supply of affordable housing and meeting diverse needs."

The Housing Strategy will consider housing needs, taking into account available data, and recommend actions the City can take to increase the supply of housing and meet diverse needs, including for homeless, seniors, and veterans.

The Mayor appointed a task force to help make recommendations that will be proposed in the strategy.

The City boards and commissions, as well as the public are encouraged to weigh in. Ultimately, the Housing Strategy will be considered for adoption by the City Council.

Time Frame

The City began the project in fall 2017 by speaking to partners, groups, and individuals about housing; researching housing demographics and trends; and planning for further public outreach. An initial draft housing strategy is expected to be available for public comment and refinement in spring 2018. 

FALL 2017

  • Meet with key stakeholders to discuss Edmonds housing issues

  • Identify Housing Strategy Task Force members

  • Plan public outreach events

spring 2018

  • Review initial draft strategy

  • Public open house

  • Refine strategy

Summer/fALL 2018

  • Public Hearing with Planning Board

  • Public Workshop


  • Revise draft

  • Additional Public Engagement

  • Public Hearing with Council